Country Feelin'

by Martin Blasick

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released December 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Martin Blasick Santa Monica, California

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Track Name: Just A Dream Away
I saw the sunrise this morning
I saw that you’re still not there
My friends they told me to stop pining
They don’t believe that you’ll ever care

You’re just a dream away
I’ll close my eyes
Tomorrow will bring one more chance
We’re just a dream away
I long for your touch
Dreaming so much
Of our romance

The way you flutter your eyelids
You lash my heart tight to yours
The way you’ve got my world a’tumblin’
I can’t see any way there’s a cure

I’m dreaming of you in my arms
I surrendered long ago to your charms
Track Name: I Don't Already Know
I’ve been wandering
For a long time
Not sure what I seek

When I saw you
My heart opened
Just enough to take a peek

I know that I’m lonely
I know that I must change
I know that I need somebody
I’ve been feeling so strange

We can talk all night
I’ve got nowhere else to go
You can’t tell me nothing
I don’t already know

I’ve been gamblin’
With my feelings
That’s the best I can do

I’ve been playing
Texas hold em
When it comes to you
Track Name: Beer Me Darlin
Beer me darlin’ I’m alone tonight
Sit with me a while
Hear me darlin’ in the neon barlight
It’s been some time since I smiled

I’m just a trucker on the road
Gettin’ paid to carry that load
I don’t got nobody who cares about me
Just miles and miles of road stretching out

You’ve got a kindness in your eyes
I bet you’ve heard every kind of lie
I kind of like the lines on your cheek
Oh me oh my make it one more round
You’re so sweet